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The book Jesus On Money covers everything Jesus said about money, stewardship, and our identity as managers of God's resources.  

Last year I began highlighting every verse in the Bible on Stewardship. Once I finished highlighting the gospels (Matt, Mark, Luke, John) I was blown away to see how much Jesus said about money, rewards and our role as stewards (Over 800 verses). I personally wanted to categorize all of Jesus' words on finances and our identity as stewards, so I began sorting all the scriptures into a book. 

Jesus On Money is the culmination of every stewardship scripture from the gospels. Every verse is categorized in the book and laid out in an easy to read format.

(The book isn't finished yet, but you can pre-order to support the project. Pre-Orders will receive special bonus content when the book is printed and shipped!)


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Jesus On Money

Reader Benefits:

  • Deeper Relationship with God

  • Mindset Changes That Lead to Financial Freedom

  • Easy Reference Tool for Jesus' Words on Money