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STEWARDSHIP PASTORS exists to grow Stewardship Ministry around the world. We'll help you launch your ministry, avoid the pitfalls most stewardship pastors run into, and create a dynamic environment to serve people well in Stewardship.

We provide:

  • 1/2 Day & Full-Day seminars on Biblical finances.

  • Coaching to churches who want to start or grow a Stewardship Ministry.

  • High quality programs and courses to disciple church members.

  • Volunteer training materials.

  • Stewardship theology resources.

  • Tools for personal growth as a steward.

Pastor David Thompson

     I went to business school to make money, serve mammon, and build my own kingdom on this earth. I was obsessed with the "safety" and "identity" money could provide. Thankfully, God had other plans. He introduced me to Biblical Stewardship through incredible leaders like:

  • Robert Morris (The Blessed Life)

  • Larry Burkett ( Business By The Book)

  • Howard Dayton (Your Money Counts) 

  • Dave Ramsey (Financial Peace) 

  • Ron Blue (Master Your Money)

  • Randy Alcorn (Money Possessions & Eternity)

     My heart changed! I started putting God first in my finances, recognizing my role as a manager, and saving through the Biblical lens of wisdom instead of fear. My wife & I are in unity on our financial decisions, we have no consumer debt, and we invest in God's kingdom.

David Thompson, Pastor David Thompson

David Thompson

Founder |

     At Gateway Church, Southlake Texas, I’ve had the honor of leading the one of the largest stewardship ministries in the country. We hold over 130 classes per year, impact 10,000+ people in person, and we have over 100 active volunteers implementing, teaching, and counseling on Biblical financial principles. Our YouTube channel has served over 100,000 people and is a great resource for other churches and leaders.

STEWARDSHIP RESOURCES was put my heart by the Lord to help:

  • Sr. Pastors start and grow a stewardship ministry.

  • Stewardship Pastors feel equipped.

  • Volunteer leaders implement the ministry.

  • Good stewards grow deeper in their relationship with God.


Stewardship: managing that which belongs to another.

Check out the book: Jesus On Money by David Thompson


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