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STEWARDSHIP PASTORS exists to grow Stewardship Ministry around the world. We'll help you launch your ministry, avoid the pitfalls most stewardship pastors run into, and create a dynamic environment to serve people well in Stewardship.

We provide:

  • 1/2 Day & Full-Day seminars on Biblical finances.

  • Coaching to churches who want to start or grow a Stewardship Ministry.

  • High-quality programs and courses to disciple church members.

  • Volunteer training materials.

  • Stewardship theology resources.

  • Tools for personal growth as a steward.​​​


Send a note and tell us the details: date, location, audience, etc

Pastor David Thompson

     At Gateway Church, Southlake Texas, I’ve had the honor of leading one of the largest stewardship ministries in the country. We hold over 130 classes per year, impact 10,000+ people in person annually, and we have over 80 active volunteers implementing, teaching, and counseling on Biblical financial principles. Our YouTube channel has served over 100,000 people and is an excellent resource for other churches and leaders. was put in my heart by the Lord to help:

  • Sr. Pastors start and grow a stewardship ministry.

  • Stewardship Pastors feel equipped.

  • Volunteer leaders implement the ministry.

  • Good stewards grow deeper in their relationship with God.


"I love to help people develop an intimate relationship with God, by hearing from Him daily on His desire for the resources He has entrusted to them."

- David Thompson

David Thompson, Pastor David Thompson

David Thompson

Founder |

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